Is Your Brand Retail Ready?

Optimize Your Cannabis Brand

Logo Identity:

Ideally, your logo delivers a concise and clear message about your brand; it should ideally translate to single color (to ensure it will remain identifiable in simplest form). Ask your designer to provide the logo asset in vector format to avoid pixelation when sharing it. To cover all of your bases, it's best to have a final brand logo as a vector file (can be any size), a jpeg (great for sharing), and a png format (with transparent background).


Define your brand's two-second takeaway. There is already a plethora of cannabis brand tag lines in the market (but, can you remember any of them?): make it memorable and insightful. Try conveying a defining characteristic of your company in a variety of ways (fun, serious, vague, obvious, factual). Simplicity and clarity in a tagline is a precursor to a solid brand identity.

Mission Statement:

Customers resonate with stories. The backstory is your taproot and a massive part of your brand; a mission statement delivers the philosophy behind your product and the "why" of its creation. Figure out what you’re company would like to accomplish in the world - then try to make the statement short enough to tweet!


Reserve your website as a .com, .org, and .net with a hosting company like - then consider integrating squarespace to put up a quick landing page. At a minimum, you should include your logo, social icons (all linked), and a short blurb about your mission, purpose, or call to action (i.e. join our email list for exclusive 80% discounts).

Social Media Accounts:

Reserve a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook; consider reserving an account on Massroots and Google+ as well.

Marketing Materials: 

Marketing materials include everything from postcards, posters, and product photos to table cloths, and any other assets designed to help convey the story of your brand. By providing the marketing materials your dispensary carriers would need - you prevent them from making their own, which could hurt your brand's consistency from one shop to the next. River can help your company produce visual assets with our in-house team.


A professional exterior makes for a positive first impression. As the industry grows more competitive, it’s important for your product to stand out on the shelf. Not every bud tender is going to memorize your product value proposition, so try to clearly convey cannabinoid content and any unique details (i.e. vegan, solvent free, etc.) right on the box! Ideally, your packaging should meet all local codes (San Francisco and Berkeley are the most specific), maintain product freshness, and offer child-proof and tamper-evident containment.

Point of Sale: 

Put some consideration into how you plan to ship your product wholesale, and how you'd like dispensaries to display it. In other words, proper point of sale display cases called 'shippers' provide a means of shipping wholesale orders in a unit that doubles as a display case. Shippers are perforated to rip open in a way that provides convenient access to the product without diminishing the presentation of the brand.

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