The Story Behind Blood Orange Tangie

Just after graduating high school in 2002, Bruce of Southern Humboldt Concentrates moved from Palo Alto to Humboldt County with his twin brother to become a cultivator. They quickly fell in love with the land and the people. With a small loan from their father, they were soon in business.

Bruce started growing on a 40-acre property out in Dinsmore, California. In the early days he lived in tents, endured the cold, and learned the ropes. Bruce’s neighbors were wary of this new city kid, but took a liking to him because of his work ethic and willingness to live in rough conditions to make his plants thrive. In some ways, he is the last of the new school to do things the old school way.

Most of Bruce’s friends up in the hills are from multi-generational cannabis growing families. Bruce and his own family have started a second generation and intend to live in the area for the rest of their lives.

Bruce started out growing outdoors, but moved to an indoor operation for several years. During this time he was part of the Bay Area “Purple” scene and was largely responsible for the quality and popularity of those strains.

Throughout all those years and all the cup wins, it’s a commitment to doing things the right way and building trust with dispensaries by delivering consistent, top-quality cannabis that earned Southern Humboldt Concentrates their spotless reputation in the medicinal scene.

In the mid 2000s, when some bad actors were causing environmental damage and bringing heat from the authorities, Bruce chose to get ahead of the curve. He bought land that would meet or exceed all of the current regulations. He has been operating on it in a completely sustainable manner since day one. These decisions were made because of his love for Humboldt and connection to the land. All truly great cultivators know if you take care of the soil, it will take care of you.

Bruce set this in motion before the new legal market and laws were as developed. These best practices have put Southern Humboldt Concentrates far ahead on permitting and ensures their product always tests clean.

Southern Humboldt Concentrates were among the very first to grow using greenhouses. In the early days, this was an extremely controversial move, but if cannabis develops as other agriculture crops have, it will likely become very common. It gives a cultivator many of the benefits of a controlled indoor grow while providing the sun’s unmatched spectrum.

Bruce was also an early pioneer of light depravation (light dep). He began using this technique in 2006. It’s a process by which a cultivator controls the amount of sunlight a crop gets through the use of specialized tarps. This allows for more control over the growth cycle of the plants, resulting in better crops.

Once greenhouses and light dep caught on, many producers were bringing good herb to the market, which began to drive the prices down, even for high-quality buds. In 2014, Bruce foresaw a need to step up his production and began investigating the world of concentrates.

He purchased closed loop extraction equipment and began to run experiments with different grades of cannabis. What he quickly found was you got out of the machines only what you put in. To get the best concentrates, you have to start with the best flower.

Around this time he rekindled a friendship with Kevin Jodrey, cannabis legend and owner of Wonderland Nursery. Jodrey was impressed with what Bruce was growing and suggested he get more involved with hunting phenotypes. Through this rigorous process, Southern Humboldt Concentrates has been identifying and selecting stellar genetics, notably Super Lemon OG.

In the Fall of 2014 some of their Super Lemon OG was not quite ready to harvest, but needed to be used before the weather turned on the plants. Bruce’s brother was doing research on live resin and it seemed to be the best way to process the bud. The results were good. Bruce describes mastering this process as “life changing as moving to Humboldt.”

Their concentrates are remarkable because of their potency, but also because of how much of the plant’s smell and characteristics are retained through the processing. After hitting a dab, the flavor lingers in your mouth, adding to the overall experience.

Emerald Cup Products has partnered with Southern Humboldt Concentrates to add Live Resin BHO oil to their line of Emerald Cup branded cannabis products. Founder Tim Blake said he is excited about the partnership because “there is no disputing the terps and the quality of what he’s got. They’re the best at it. I’ve never seen anything better than Bruce’s.”

 Southern Humboldt Concentrate’s live resin has won the following awards:

  • 2013 Emerald Cup, 14th Place
  • 2014 HTCC Amsterdam Import Hash, Super Lemon OG 
  • 2016 HTCC LA 2nd Place, Zkittlez Hybrid Concentrate 
  • 2016 US HTCC 1st Place Blood Orange Tangie Sativa Concentrate

 You can find Southern Humboldt Concentrates at the following dispensaries:

  • Greenwolf
  • HTP Group
  • Abatin Wellness Center
  • All About Wellness
  • Best Buds Basement
  • Bloom Room
  • Florin Wellness
  • Harvest Bloom
  • Indika MCC
  • San Pedro’s Finest
  • The Healing Center Coop
  • VHHC
  • US Bloom
  • 420 Central 
  • From The Earth
  • SCSA


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