25 States Now Have Medical Marijuana Laws on the Books

25 States Have Passed MMJ Laws 


50% of America Endorses MMJ

It's official: Half of the United States have a law on the books mandating some legal form of medical cannabis. While some states have made it incredibly difficult to gain access to their medicine, others (like our state of California) invite any patient into a dispensary as long as their doctor supports their use of cannabis to manage their health. 

Not All Laws Are Created Equal

Each state has unique laws about how to legally obtain cannabis . They also define the legal quantities and varieties. Here is a quick reference to the amount of "dried" or "usable" cannabis any individual patient is allowed to possess in each state:

1oz - Alaska, Montana
2oz - Colorado, D.C., New Hampshire, New Jersey, Vermont
2.5oz - Arizona, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Rhode Island
4oz - Hawaii
6oz - Delaware, New Mexico
8oz - California
10oz - Massachusetts
24oz - Oregon, Washington
30-day supply - Maryland, Pennsylvania
Minnesota and New York permit a 30-day supply of non-smokable cannabis.

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