Humboldt Proof of Origin Update

Track & Trace Can Empower Local Californian Economies!

Emerald Family Farms - SICPA Humboldt proof of origin

With a month left on the SICPA program, we're elated to report that both dispensaries and cultivators have experienced positive feedback about the Humboldt Proof of Origin program. Sure, there have been challenges - but that's the point of testing out old technology in a brand new marketplace!

The fact is patients love learning about the location of the farm and the story behind the farmer. Humboldt has always captivated the hearts and minds of cannabis consumers on a global scale: now farmers finally have a way to substantiate their quality as a Humboldt standard.

Single Origin Exists in Other Markets

This incredible program allows cultivators to label their pre-packaged flower as originating from Humboldt county. In a world with single-origin coffee and enthusiasm for Sonoma-Grown grape vines, we've been determined to invite small farmers into the statewide cannabis industry without diluting their local identities. in our mind, part of empowering the Humboldt cultivator was providing them with a way to prove their humboldt-ness.

SICPA Humboldt Proof of Origin Stamp

The Humboldt Proof of Origin Program leverages SICPA's already proven track and trace system, which uses encrypted tax stamps that have been successfully used by the California Board of Equalization for tobacco control since 2005. Thanks to SICPA -- an international organization who has been in the business of track and trace since 1927 -- the county has been able to utilize their systems at no cost as they gauge how successful the technology functions in the cannabis market. 

Appellations and Local Cannabis

Without appellations (which provides the ability for a region to officially identify products that originate locally in a statewide marketplace - think "Napa Wine"), farmers realized that any grower could claim that their cannabis grew in humboldt county. Thanks to Fiona Ma, Chairwoman of the California State Board of Equalization, the local humboldt community was able to connect with forwarded-thinking members of government who wanted to help local cannabis economies succeed.

In an article by Cannabis Business Executive: Luke Bruner, a Humboldt cannabis community organizer who helped connect the two sides of the coin, said: “This amazing program never would have happened if it weren’t for Chairwoman Ma’s cannabis stakeholder meetings. “Fiona invited Humboldt officials and cannabis farmers to these meetings. SICPA was at one of these meetings, and we invited them to come tour Humboldt. Their technology can help us separate the good actors from the bad actors. We’re so grateful that she brought everyone together.”

Emerald Family Farms & SICPA

RVR is honored to have one of our largest brand partners, Emerald Family Farms, participating in the Humboldt Proof of Origin program, since they work with so many local farmers who want nothing more than for the world to recognize Humboldt cannabis as the best in the world. Today, patients in California can purchase Humboldt Proof of Origin Pre-rolls and pre-packaged eighths from participating dispensaries.


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