Sonoma Grown Strain Reviews


Floracal & Plug'd Industries 

Strain: Gorilla Glue #1 aka Sonoma Glue 

Company: Floracal 

THC: 20.11%

CBD: 0.06%

Sonoma County is globally recognized for the quality of its grapes and produce. Insiders know the region produces some of the best cannabis. This is an excellent example of the kind of expert cultivation giving the region its growing reputation for high quality flower.

The buds of this early iteration of the strain look nice and tight, as they should. However, you’ll probably be most impressed with its exceptionally pleasant aroma. Top scent-notes are powerfully piney with a funky sweetness swirling underneath. The smoke is clean and floral with a hint of vegetal, sour fuel on the back of the throat.

Where some hybrid strains give you blended effects, this shifts gears on you. The sativa ancestry feels forward, but it’s not dominant. Effects kick off with a mellow relaxation around the eyes. Warm creative feelings radiate out from there. You’ll feel buzzy and energetic for a bit, but be prepared, after about 30 minutes the body high demands to be noticed. You’ll be stoked to find a comfortable place to curl up and think about the universe.

This strain definitely feels like it was developed with the recreational market in mind. It’s a fun, mellow rollercoaster. The potency is there and it will certainly work for patients who rely on the analgesic properties of their flower. For those looking to experience mood-boosting effects, this would be a solid choice.

Even though this can glue you to the couch, that’s not where the name originates. This plant is notoriously sticky and frosty and trimmers would frequently say it “glued their scissors together.”  It may be a little bit more work, but it’s worth it. 


Strain: Lemchem

Company: Plugd Industries 

THC: 23.02%

CBD: 0.37%

if you’ve been around Norcal cannabis for any period of time, you know that Sonoma County growers are heavy hitters. This uniquely beautiful growing region is rich in talent and genetics. This strain is something to stock up on and store carefully. It’s grown right and an absolute pleasure to imbibe.

The buds are dense and gorgeously frosted. The trichomes are so evenly dispersed they soften the hue of rusty orange pistils speckling the flower. Trained eyes will see Chemdawg visual cues, but the smell announces this is something different. If you inhale deeply, your nose is tickled with an earthy citrus smell that, despite the name, is more grapefruit than lemon. This musky/fruity mix can remind you of Hawaiian Punch if it catches you right.

Lemchem’s smoke is smooth and toasty. The citrusy assertiveness of the un-combusted flower transforms into a nutty flavor that might remind you a bit of ultra lightly roasted African coffee or Lapsang souchong black tea.

Some less developed hybrids can be a bit unbalanced. Not this one. It has all of the energetic body high you like from Chemdawg’s OG Kush lineage and marries it to the cerebral mood lift that sour sativas are celebrated for.

It’s a very powerful strain. If you’re not used to getting heady, go easy. It will put a huge smile on your face if you stick to microdoses, but it’s truly great for going deep with edgy, thoughtful comedy specials and podcasts. If you’re a creative person, this will definitely up your chances of being in touch with the muses. However, anyone can fall in love with its consciousness expanding touch.



Strain: Mr. Trainwreck 

Company: Plugd Industries 

THC: 14.55%

CBD: 0.04%


Fans of Sonoma County cultivators have come to expect their cannabis to be excellent. Boutique genetics and obsessive attention to detail from seed to cure create flower you have to experience. This bud is a prime example of Sonoma Grown quality.

With a word like “trainwreck” in the name, you’d think this would be a face-melter, but it’s not outrageously loaded with THC. If you’re new to cannabis and want to experience a strain with a notably different psychoactive effect, but not be wiped out, this is a fun choice.

For a strain without record setting THC, it does seem to last quite a while. So keep that in mind when planning your day. If you like to medicate throughout a normal day, this would be a nice strain for a portable flower vaporizer. It’s easy to dose and doesn’t creep up on you with surprise couch lock.

The buds are almost comically dense, like someone made a bet to see how tight they could get it. This solidity comes with an even dusting of trichomes and a nice shape from a careful trim job.

Mr. Trainwreck announces itself with a loud, sharp, cheesy scent. There is definitely some of that nice hybrid sour mingled in, but the unique notes of this strain seem to be from a different neighborhood than its Trainwreck ancestors.

That flavor carries over into the smoke, transforming into an almost aggressive brassiness. Have something bubbly and clean on hand to drink, like nice flavored sparkling water. There is a bit of dry-mouth that kicks in quick, but it has the neat side effect of waking your tastebuds up. Having a little toke of this before a good meal is something definitely worth trying.

It is a tremendous strain for appetite stimulation. This would be the medical need it’s most suited for. Though, it does give the body a nice tingly, warm high that travels up and down the spine like a Kundalini serpent.




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