Floracal Flowers
About FloraCal Farms

FLORACAL™ FARMS is a collective of herbalists, farmers and community minded members who are passionate about natural medicine options. Throughout the years, the FLORACAL™ team has been passionate about working symbiotically with the plant, and is aware of the powerful medicine that is gifted from each harvest. FLORACAL™ FARMS is “Hand-Grown In Sonoma County” and has recently expanded to showcase small local Sonoma County flower brands. FLORACAL believes in cultivating beautiful, quality, and ...

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Floracal Flowers

By FloraCal Farms

FLORACAL believes in cultivating beautiful, quality, and consistent flowers for their patients. FLORACAL™ FARMS prides themselves in all aspects of their small batch harvests; from visual aesthetics, to taste, to high THC content, to creating a delicious pesticide free, safe medicine.

Floracal cannabis is are cultivated indoors under tightly restricted protocols that employ environmentally consious techniques and raw materials. Our focus has been various OG's. We are Sonoma County OG, OG's!

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