Soul Sugar Ktchen Snack Mix
About Soul Sugar Kitchen

Soul Sugar Kitchen produces delicious award-winning cannabis-infused edibles. Soul Sugar Kitchen uses pure distillate to ensure clean flavors with minimal cannabis taste. Their recipes celebrate the free, fun-loving spirit of the cannabis movement and are created with love by passionate, enthusiastic chefs.   Keeping with the playful theme of the brand, Soul Sugar Kitchens currently offers three groups of products: peanut butter cups, snack mixes, and jelly candies. Each category currently h...

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Soul Sugar Ktchen Snack Mix

By Soul Sugar Kitchen

Everyone loves BBQ snacks – including the chefs at Soul Sugar. The Soul Sugar Kitchen team toiled in the kitchen to refine this BBQ snack sensation, evolving it to a superior mix of smoky and spice. It’s BBQ with a welcome taste bump. High quality cannabis distillate means a great taste experience.

In addition to the Bumped up BBQ deliciousness SSK also goes all-natural, with a Parmesan Ranch flavor that is a seasoned twist on Soul Sugar’s superb snack crunchables. A hint of garlic sets a lively mood that might remind you of your favorite terrace in Tuscany. Perfect quality distillates ensure a pure flavor focus.


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