Utopia Cannabis Macaroons
About Utopia Farms

Utopia Cannabis is an award winning cannabis company specializing in artisan flowers, refined extracts and nutritious edibles. All Utopia products are SC Labs certified and undergo full-spectrum testing to ensure a consistent and safe product. Utopia's edibles are made with organic and non-gmo ingredients, providing delicious flavor that both elevates and energizes. They believe that healthy products are a result of high quality ingredients, conscious techniques, and a commitment to transpar...

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Utopia Cannabis Macaroons

By Utopia Farms

These macaroons take you higher. Made with premium, organic and non-GMO ingredients, you get the delicious flavor without the guilt. Utopia's cannabis-infused coconut oil gives you the perfect lift to accompany this clean and simple snack or dessert. Forget those junk filled candy bars, delight your senses with these nutritious edibles #ThisIsUtopia.

Utopia's macaroons are raw, gluten-free, vegan, kosher-friendly, paleo-friendly and always made with organic ingredients and pesticide/contaminant-free guaranteed extracts.

Each package contains four 50 milligram macaroons. 

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    Each bag comes with (4) 50mg macaroons and are available in in four flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip and Raspberry. Our edible line is geared towards providing patients with a nutritional way to medicate. Always fully tested, our products are safe, healthy and reliable. We provide an alternative to the artificial and sugary edibles that are available for today’s patients. To further our accountability, we only use Utopia sourced extracts for our infused coconut oil to ensure traceability throughout the process. 
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