C. Banana Sugar Wax
About Utopia Farms

Utopia Cannabis is an award winning cannabis company specializing in artisan flowers, refined extracts and nutritious edibles. All Utopia products are SC Labs certified and undergo full-spectrum testing to ensure a consistent and safe product. Utopia's edibles are made with organic and non-gmo ingredients, providing delicious flavor that both elevates and energizes. They believe that healthy products are a result of high quality ingredients, conscious techniques, and a commitment to transpar...

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C. Banana Sugar Wax

By Utopia Farms
Utopia Farms Extracts are produced following strict laboratory techniques using medical grade hydrocarbons  (99.995% purity)

Every batch passes Utopia’s stringent grading requirements before being packaged in their food-grade facility. Utopia Farms concentrates are graded on cannabinoid potency, terpene profile and residual solvent levels, consistency, color, smell, flavor and effect. 

Each batch is sorted into a tier that is commensurate with its quality. Prior to release, each batch is labeled with a unique batch id that allows patients to access the exact run’s test results via SC Labs’ website. 

Potency: 75-90% THC Terpenes: 3-8% Total Terpenes 

RST <100ppm guaranteed (typically 0-30ppm) always pesticide and microbiological contaminant free 

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