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According to Wikileaf, "Trainwreck was pollinated by a male Jack the Ripper owned by Dioxide. The result was Chernobyl - a strain that went on to be one of High Times strains of the Year in 2010. It is a long-lasting, lime-tasting, and mind-melting Sativa-dominant hybrid.

The effects of this strain can last up to three hours and induce a strong euphoria that fills users with an intense energetic buzz. Washing away stress and anxiety, Chernobyl may also reduce nausea and increase appetite. This strain may also help patients suffering from minor aches and migraines.

Retaining the height of its mother, Chernobyl responds well to being pruned. It needs to be supported when it begins flowering. For optimal yields, plants of this strain should be topped early and then trained to take up less vertical space. Chernobyl finishes flowering in eight to nine weeks.

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