Farmer's Reserve

By Farmer's Reserve

Farmer's Reserve master cultivators combine the wisdom of traditional farming with state-of- the-art cultivation methods to develop products and manage growing facilities that provide consistent high-end medical cannabis that is readily available to California patients. 

Farmer's Reserve is always striving to achieve the highest levels of sustainability, to grow the cleanest cannabis on the market in a friendly, supportive and highly ethical work environment. Farmer's team of experts and qualified cultivators are at the forefront of the latest practices that helps them live up to the “Reserve” name in thier brand.

While most know the Farmer's Reserve brand for their partnership with Vapenit Extracts and incredible strain specific Moon Rocks - which earned 3rd place for Best Medical Infused Product at the 2016 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup - this incredible group of talented individuals also offers a potent line of top-shelf flower and exceptional shatter.

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