GreenRock Botanicals Vape Kit

By GreenRock Botanicals

Each GreenRock Botanicals Vape Pen Kit contains 1 Greenrock Botanicals Cartridge, 1 Battery & Charger. The quartz glass cartridge system powered by dual coil ceramic technology is loaded with CO2-extracted pure distillate.

Cartridges available in 4 strains: Grape Ape, Gorilla Glue, Pineapple Express, Platinum Cookies

Product Specifications

Diameter: 9.5mm
Length: 61.2mm
Oil Capacity: 500mg
Cartridge Tank: Quartz Glass
Cartridge Mouthpiece: Stainless Steel

Diameter: 9.5mm
Length: 79mm
Advanced Lithium-ion Battery
Capacity: 290MAH
Working Voltage: 3.3v~4.2v
Full Charge: ≈200 Puffs

Color: Black
Input: DC 5.0V
Output: 5.0V 120mA
USB Charger

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