CBD Crystalline
About KurVana

Kurvana was founded by a team of people that are passionate about cannabis and its medical benefits. Kurvana is known for pioneering industry-leading science and technology, Kurvana ensures the highest quality and precision in all of their products. Kurvana's patients inspire them to create a consistent high-quality, all natural, vibrant-tasting product. Kurvana is committed to delivering this premier line of medical cannabis to patients to enhance their everyday life. Kurvana's mission is t...

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CBD Crystalline

By KurVana
KurVana's PURE Crystalline cannabinoid product line presents highly purified and potent (99%+) cannabinoid isolates produced using our cutting edge clean technologies. The final processing of all of our PURE Crystalline products takes place in an ISO accredited laboratory. As always, all of our products are produced under the strictest quality control standards and undergo third party testing to ensure quality assurance.
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