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Stokes was created for two simple reasons; the founders all have people in their lives who consume and rely on cannabis daily to help cope and manage debilitating ailments and all of them had terrible experiences with infused edibles. In researching the medibles market, the overall lack of consistently dosed products was extremely troubling to the Stokes team, however, it was the total void of low-dose options which drove us to develop their own line of responsibly dosed products that use onl...

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By Stokes Confections

What's the most responsible product on your shelf?


Great tasting, discreet, and functional, MICROS are the preeminent low-dosed edible option available today. They are 5mg each, sugar free, fast acting mints that allow for accurate and controlled dosage. MICROS are ideal for first time users, those with a low tolerance, or anyone who has had a bad experience with edibles. Ideal consumption for fastest affects is to allow product to dissolve in the mouth for Sublingual/Buccal administration. Alternatively they can be swallowed or can be tossed in a hot beverage like a tea and will dissolve. It is also important to note that sugar is a fuel/enabler for cancer cell growth, so for cancer patients this sugar-free product is an ideal medible application for patients.

Available flavors include: Mint Micros (S), Tangerine Cream Micros (H), Lemon Ginger Micros (I) and Watermelon Micros (H) 

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  • Variety Pack

    Each MICROS Container: 100mg THC, twenty 5mg MICROS in each

    Variety Pack: 20 Containers, five of each of the four flavors

    Four Great Flavors: Watermelon, Honey Lemon Ginger, Mint, Tangerine Cream


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