Floracal Wax
About FloraCal Farms

FLORACAL™ FARMS is a collective of herbalists, farmers and community minded members who are passionate about natural medicine options. Throughout the years, the FLORACAL™ team has been passionate about working symbiotically with the plant, and is aware of the powerful medicine that is gifted from each harvest. FLORACAL™ FARMS is “Hand-Grown In Sonoma County” and has recently expanded to showcase small local Sonoma County flower brands. FLORACAL believes in cultivating beautiful, quality, and ...

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Floracal Wax

By FloraCal Farms

Platinum OG Wax from Floracal Farms

THC 82.32%, CBD .19% From a husband and wife team out of Sonoma known for their consistent, fiery and potent medicine. Every product is made with love, compost teas and biological solutions. 

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