SpeakLife OG - Ocean Grown Extracts

By Ocean Grown Extracts
Ocean Grown Extracts offers a 100% guarantee. They are so confident that you will love the product that they will take it back if there are any issues. 

Ocean Grown's wattage matches the viscosity of their juice and never burns too hot. Because of this, their pens never get clogged and remain solid to the last drop.

Ocean Grown Extracts' pens have under 1% leakage return rates. OGE will replace any leaky cartridges as long as you return the problematic cart to us for inspection. OGE is always analyzing how they can improve the quality of their product.

Ocean Grown Extracts' oil ranges between 45%-47% THC, and they prefer it that way. They believe that strongest doesn't always equal the best quality. Every extract is double tested. 

Ocean Grown Extracts are clear, not cloudy... they make clear not clouds. Just like their flower, vape pens, and cartridges, their waxes and shatter are also top-shelf and are held to the same high standard as their clear and flower.

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