Torrch Vaporizer
About Torrch Vaporizer

The Torrch vaporizer is the highest quality portable dab rig on the market. Offering a rich full flavor with a discreet footprint and a clean efficient burn, Torrch’s True-Taste Ceramic Core Technology delivers an unparalleled concentrates experience. Engineered for performance, this device heats your product at a low temperature to elicit the full flavor of your terpenes the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Designed specifically for shatter, budder, and other wax concentrate product, the Torr...

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Torrch Vaporizer

By Torrch Vaporizer
Mini Handheld Concentrates Vaporizer
  • True-Taste™ Ceramic Core Technology
  • Easy top filling cartridge eliminates spillage and waste
  • Compact and sleek design is discreet and easy-to-use in any environment
  • No coils, no mess and easy to clean
  • Innovative temperature provides even heating
  • Unparalleled flavor and vapor quality
Includes: Ceramic Bowl, High Output 1500 mAh Battery, USB Charger, Torrch User Guide, Dab Tool And Rings
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